Because of the sensitive nature of our field, we’ve chosen to exclude names and other descriptions

Sex Therapy Clients

“We discovered that creating time in our busy lives for sexual play increases feelings of intimacy and desire. I was waiting for feelings of intimacy and desire before initiating a lovemaking session….”

“I feel much more comfortable talking with my partner about what I want in our lovemaking sessions. I didn’t want him to be intimidated by my fantasies and by describing what I enjoy sexually. He says he wants to hear what I like.”

“It feels good to know there are techniques I can use to help me with premature ejaculation and that my partner can help.”

“We talk more openly about our expectations and assumptions about our sex play. We found that talking about our sexual issues and concerns with you helped us learn more about what each other enjoy and about processes for communicating and collaborating. It has been a liberating experience.”

“I had no idea how important it is for women to touch themselves and to understand their sensations. I experienced my first orgasm once I started taking time to explore my vulva and vagina.”

“I now understand how the frustration and anger I expressed when my erections were not as firm as they used to be upset my wife. I was actually anxious about my own sexual performance. Now I have Viagra to use. At first she was hesitant to engage in lovemaking. When we met with you we began to heal and learned that our memories of sexual enjoyment in the past helps us reconnect sexually.”

“I am more aware of my sexual issues and am ready to be more sexually expressive with my partner. He’s been supportive and patient. I’m grateful. You’ve helped us address our issues and concerns.”

“We now incorporate his verbal sexual fantasy stories into our foreplay. We both find that the stories add to our enjoyment. We also incorporate the squeeze technique into our lovemaking. Experiences of premature ejaculation are behind us.”

Sexual Medicine Clients

“Never would I have thought that my testosterone would be low as I am only 48 years old. Dr. Keiller explained that the only reliable way of determining an accurate testosterone level is with a calculated serum free testosterone and my result showed quite a low value. My sexual issues of poor libido and inability to maintain a rigid erection have improved since we started replacement therapy. Thank you Dr. Keiller.”

“Dr. Keiller listened to my problem and luckily found no significant underlying health issues. Recommended changes in the medicine I was taking solved my erectile dysfunction.”

“I thought that having high blood pressure meant I couldn’t or shouldn’t take Viagra-like drugs. Dr. Keiller excluded major heart issues and with the Viagra prescription returned my sex life to how it had been in the ‘good old days.’”

“I had tried all the pills with no success. Dr. Keiller presented other treatment options. The first Trimix injection worked very well and made me feel like a man again.”

“I had no idea that my cholesterol level was so high, even at my young age or that my erectile dysfunction could be related. Dr. Keiller found this to be a probable explanation for my problem. My sex life improved with treatment. He probably helped prevent future major heart issues and maybe saved my life.”

“I tried all the pills and the injections with no success and hated the penis pump. Dr. Keiller discussed a penile prosthesis and its high success rate. Here I am after the surgery and my sex life is wonderful. I could not be happier.”

“I knew that the bend in my penis with the narrowing wasn’t normal.  I then developed some pain with erections. Dr. Keiller explained the reason for my problem, and then prescribed a medicine that improved the situation after a few months and hopefully we avoided surgery.  If surgery is needed in the future I will certainly follow his recommendations.”