Enhancing Romancing: Intentional Intimate Erotic Relationships KINDLE Version

[Excerpt from Introduction…]

Our book, Enhancing Romancing: Intentional Intimate Erotic Relationships, honors Intentional Intimate Erotic Relationships… the possibilities as well as the challenges. The two of us enter the realm of romance as two elders who emerge out of cocoons. We come from the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts of Arizona—Tucson and Willcox, growing up in the 1950’s. The metaphor of cocoon reflects the voids in our early understandings about life, relationships, and sexuality. What we share is a love of learning and adventuring.

We have been married since 1964 and celebrate sustaining a relationship over time. Our relationship is a weathered one. We continue to learn from our life experiences and from our clients and patients. The journey is a Dionysian one—messy, filled with the unpredictable, and with a range of emotions. In the process, we have come to honor timing, patience, family, and sensual romancing.

We have come to understand that feeling safe in a relationship offers freedom of erotic sensual expression. This takes time to create in a relationship. Intimate erotic relationships require attention and a a willingness to consider possibilities. Our two voices are woven in the fabric of each chapter.

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