Barbara and Dan Keiller, San Diego Sex Therapists

Barbara Booth Keiller, PhD, MFT,  and Dan Keiller, M.D.
Sex Therapy and Sexual Medicine

For more than 30 years, Barbara and Dan have spoken with audiences about both life-long and ever-changing sexual expression and intimacy. They have answered questions like: “How can we energize our sexual interactions?” and “How do I share my sexual fantasies with my partner in a non-threatening manner?”, “How do couples deal with premature ejaculation, erectile issues and low desire?” and “What about testosterone?”

Topics Drs. Barabara and Dan Keiller explore in their varied presentations include:

  • Enhancing Romancing
  • The Big A of Avoidance
  • The Surprising Benefits of Scheduling Sexual Intimacy
  • Cultural, Familial and Religious Myths that Inhibit Sexuality
  • Sexual Unfolding as a Life-long Process
  • Honoring the Need for Intimacy
  • Communicating Sexual Fantasies and Desires

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