Sexual Issues

SEagull male and female

Healthy, happy sexuality supports the relationship

Two unique people with different cultural backgrounds and different expectations become intimate partners. Each brings their particular perspective. Communication is central. However, talking openly about our intimate erotic relationship and exploring possible issues and concerns can be challenging.

Questions you might ask include:

  1. Am I avoiding sexual intimacy?
  2. Am I having difficulty talking about my sexual concerns with my partner?
  3. Is my partner less responsive to my sexual desires or am I imagining that?

Barbara Booth Keiller, Ph.D., a Marriage Family Therapist specializing in Sex Therapy an Dan Keiller, M.D., a Urologist, are available to help you explore your issues and find solutions.


These lifestyle choices affect our ability to respond sexually:

  1. Smoking, which affects blood flow in our genitals.
  2. Alcohol, which numbs the senses. Sensation is central to sexual pleasure.
  3. Exercise – an important practice for mental and physical health.
  4. Time priorities – creating time for sexual intimacy in collaboration with our partner offers time for enhancing romancing.