Enhancing Romancing™

by Barbara and Dan Keiller

Enhancing Romancing blog imageEnhancing Romancing honors intentional intimate erotic relationships… the possibilities as well as the challenges. We value the journey and want to participate in the dialogue.

We have been married since 1964 and celebrate sustaining a relationship over time. We understand the influence of environment, family of origin, and culture are significant.

Our relationship is a weathered one. We continue to learn from our life experiences and from our clients and patients. The journey is a Dionysian one-messy, filled with the unpredictable, and a range of emotions. In the process, we have come to honor timing, patience, family, and sensual romancing.

We have come to understand that feeling safe in a relationship offers freedom of erotic sensual expression. This takes times to create.

Enhancing Romancing page imageBarbara’s profession as a Marriage, Family Therapist specializing is Sex Therapy and Dan’s medical practice as a Urologist both informs and affirms our commitment to the on-going process of researching and sharing insights.

Together the two of us have over seven decades of personal experience working with individuals and couples struggling to gain a perspective on issues concerning sexual expression and enjoyment.

Our perspectives offer guidance and affirmation that all of us are constantly learning about ourselves, our partner, and about the potential for our intimate erotic relationship.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One…

Cultivating Desire by Dr. Barbara


Chapter Two…

The Role of Hormones Plus by Dr. Dan


Chapter Three…

Juicing the Relationship by Dr. Barbara


Chapter Four…

Sexual Functioning Plus by Dr. Dan


Chapter Five…

Tending the Garden of Delights by Dr. Barbara