About Barbara Keiller

Barbara has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in Sex Therapy since the mid 1980s. Her published research and writing focuses on the topics of intimacy, sexuality, spirituality and ecology. Contact Dr. Barabara at 619-223-2165. Brief phone conversations are available with Dr. Barbara.

Five Tips for Sexual Health

sexually healthy older couple

A little work and focus pays off!

Become re-acquainted with yourself physically and emotionally.

Write, exercise, touch yourself

Be willing to examine old patterns and assumptions about intimacy.

Say what you want
Check out assumptions with partner
Look at patterns that get in the way of intimacy, such as AVOIDANCE

Be intentional about creating intimacy in your relationship

Discover what works for both of you
Schedule time in your busy calendar

Be present and aware of pleasurable sensations during love-making

Be in the moment
Let go of goals
Stay with the bodily sensations

Be experimental, use your imagination

Explore activities that are sensual, such as the hot tub, showers together, massages, and sexy dancing